Beautiful Mom to Be: Half Moon Bay Maternity Photography

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This pregnant mom is so cute that I accosted her in Starbucks to see if she might want maternity photos! Lucky for me that she did!!

I’ve been so excited for this shoot…we started at her house, where she had the most amazing art over her bed!

blog-Alfaro  815-edit

I’ve wanted to try this pose for a while, I think I almost killed her, but she rocked it!

blog-Alfaro  872-editblog-Alfaro  849-edit-bw

I knew right away that Jamie was fun and adventurous, so I asked her if she’d mind playing around a bit.


First on the swing that was right down the street from her house…

blog-Alfaro  881-edit

blog-Alfaro  952-editand then with this…


She totally rocked it, but when she busted out this move, I almost died!

blog-Alfaro  1085-edit

This is just a sneak peek of all the fun that we had. Thanks so much to Jamie.!!

blog-Alfaro  982-edit-BW

blog-Alfaro  1151-edit-BW

blog-Alfaro  1209-editblog-Alfaro1236-edit1-BW

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