Cry Babies- Children’s Photographer-Half Moon Bay

I was so excited after photographing this beautiful girl when she was a baby, that I was asked to come back and shoot her and her cute baby brother. If I were to tell you that this was an easy photo shoot, I’d be a big liar.  2 year olds and 6 month olds have minds of their own…and on occasion they are not on the same page as each other or as their Mommy or their photographer. Individually shooting them actually was quite easy, I mean look at them…they are gorgeous and wonderful. But together? They wanted no part of cooperating at the same time…and after 2 tries where Mom and I both broke a sweat and stood on our heads and literally danced like crazy people to Justin Beiber, I realized that it was ok. I am always harping that my photography is real and not posed and I do all that I can to create images that are true to the core reflections of the people I shoot. And these little people, were independent, opinionated, beautiful, and completely typical of their ages….a perfectly posed portrait would not have been true to me, or to them, and as I went through the shoot to edit I realized that even more. I love these images…and I hope that Mom and Dad do too.  So here they are, blue eyed  beauties…that mom and I joked were “cry babies”. I appreciate them putting up with my dance moves and bribe attempts, and I hope that I get the chance to photograph them as they grow and change and go through new phases.

Below they are set to music that mom selected….and as I watch the slide show I totally forget Justin Beiber and see only the moments with 2 little ones that will pass way too fast.

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