Event Photography-MMA Weigh In


You know I love to be a fly on the wall, and I’m discovering all sorts of new places to do just that. I was recently invited to attend an MMA weigh in with some dear friends including Todd’s Jiu Jitsu instructors and my personal trainer. Two guys from “our school” fought in an amateur fight on 5/21 and both of them ended up doing quite well, beating their opponents easily. But these photos were taken the day before that. The day that is all about the pre-game hype….the check up, the weigh in and the all important face off and  sizing up of opponents. (I was sharing with the guys on the way home that photographers do that to each other too….kind of silly, but it happened to me while I was here, so you know it is true!). Anyway, I had a great time capturing these images, and was honored to be asked to do so. I couldn’t be more pleased that the fights went so well, or with the cool sponsorship opportunity…I love those shirts!

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