Family Photography: Half Moon Bay Beach

This was a first for me…a visitor from out of state contacted me to take their family photos while they were vacationing here. Even though we had spoken on the phone, I was a little nervous because normally my shoots are for friends of friends, or friends of clients and there is already a connection when we meet. This time really was like a blind date of the blindest variety.

I really had no need to worry. I chatted with Michelle for less than a minute in person and immediately knew we were going to have a good time. When I met her husband (wearing bright striped pants) it was confirmed…we were going to have fun! Their son made me a little nervous at first. He is adorable, but twelve years old and super shy. He didn’t want to chat with me too much, but lucky for me (and him) I was really more interested in his interaction with his parents…which was really special. Watching these 3 was so much fun!


Poor Mom has her work cut our for her with these two!!.

Because our first location (their hotel) had tons of restrictions for shooting there, we took off for greener pastures (I mean non regulated beaches) and ran around. It didn’t take too long for them to kind of forget I was there (I love when that happens) and with each other their smiles came so easy. There was lots of giggling and wrestling and even some jumping


And kissing…

09-Aug-Burdett1422-w and frolicking….(these are some of my favorite shots from the day!)


09-Aug-Burdette1414-wI had a wonderful time working with these guys and couldn’t have been more excited that they got such amazing weather while they were here. It sounds like they had a fabulous trip and I hope that their photos will help them hold on to their memories of California!




I’m reserving the right to post a few more from this shoot in the coming days….and Michelle, I’ll get you the whole gallery soon!

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