Fun in the Sun: Half Moon Bay Family Photography- Part One

This shoot was so much fun. I’ve know this family since, well, since forever and I was so happy that we were finally able to connect and get some photos taken. I swear, these guys belong in a magazine…I knew that before, but as I went through the photos I was even more convinced!


We had a great location to shoot in, where the weather was fabulous and the surroundings were beyond gorgeous. But the real beauty is in this family. With two tween boys, there is lots of energy…but Mom and Dad are pretty energetic themselves. The way that the four of them play and laugh together is so relaxed and easy…that and the fact that they are awesome people made for a relaxed and easy shoot!

The property where we were had a great big open space, so we dragged a little bench outside and had some fun.


Some of us have different definitions of “fun”!!!


I had a great time shooting just Mom and Dad for a change too…and we got some great shots with their special girl doggie Emma.


If anyone ever wonders where the boys get their mischief, they only have to get a peek at the looks these two share with each other. I love these shots!! (There will be more evidence in part 2 from this shootKeetonSneak2

The boys weren’t so busy that I wasn’t able to catch a few shots of their handsome faces.


and they did a great job of making me a Mom sandwich!


We had a great time just hanging out…

KeetonSneak1 and then we let the boys let loose in the pool!! Those shots and more tomorrow…

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