Half Moon Bay: Family Photography

This adorable family and I have been trying to get together for a while, and yesterday we finally hit the beach for a quick shoot. We were still missing Dad, but hopefully he will be coming to some photos near you soon. Meanwhile, here are some shots from our fun yesterday.

The older two kids were so much fun and so into coming up with ideas for photos. That was of course after I schooled them that there would be no “cheese” in these photos!! As soon as they saw this hill they started rolling down it…I couldn’t have been happier to take advantage of it.


I really just couldn’t get enough of these two faces…

Mar-McCauley 134-BW-WMar-McCauley 26-WEBWell, this face was pretty cute too!

Mar-McCauley 59-W

and of course I did manage to get Mom in the act a bit…


and I had to try some jumping shots…

Mar-McCauley 29-W


I loved how creative the kids got…Abby wanted to gather flowers for her “close up”…

Mar-McCauley 51-W

And Quinn was happy to lounge on a tree branch “like a Jaguar”

Mar-McCauley 102-W

Here are a couple of more favorites….

Mar-McCauley 150-BW-WMar-McCauley 132-BW-W

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