Mr. Mateo: Half Moon Bay Newborn Photography

Meet the adorable Mr. Mateo that I had the privilege of photographing recently. In keeping with my newborn record, he didn’t sleep much…I’m seriously starting to think that sleepy pliable newborns are a myth. No matter, because this boy was handsome and for the most part happy during our whole time together.

I was seriously giddy (once I got over my nerves) when mom told me that she had a guitar that was incredibly important to her Flamenco fanatic husband and a mantilla veil that had been her great grandmother’s in Cuba. “Something special to represent each of us” she told me. Like I said, nervous…but giddy.

09-June-Hidalgo344-web09-June-Hidalgo352-web09-June-Hidalgo453-bw-webI realize he looks perfectly sleepy in these shots, and he was for a couple of minutes (ha) but most of the time he looked like this….little man doesn’t want to miss any action!


We of course had to take some shots on the old scale. He was so mellow up there, I couldn’t believe it.


Ok…not totally mellow

09-June-Hidalgo453-70s-webI played around a bit with a new white blanket which was so much fun…



I was dying to get a photo of the darling cupie doll hair…

09-June-Hidalgo197-webI absolutely love these next two shots. L-O-V-E ….

09-June-Hidalgo132-bw-web09-June-Hidalgo441-webWhat you can’t see in any of these photos is that we also had a little audience…


Big brother who is 15 months old….and also quite the charmer.

09-June-Hidalgo305-edit-webThank you Heidi, for sharing your boys…and thank you Jose for letting me put a naked baby on your other baby….


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  1. TracyBzz says:

    OMG!! I LOVE the baby in the curves of the guitar!!

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