Part 2: Fun in the Sun: Family Photography Woodside California


It was tougher than I thought to get back to editing these fun photos.

So where was I?

Oh yes…hanging out

KeetonSneak16 During the earlier photos that I shared, there were multiple promises made to the boys about the cannonballs into the pool that they would get to do when we were done. They promised that they were awesome cannonballers and they were not kidding!

KeetonSneak12KeetonSneak14There was also some good boogie board jumping…

KeetonSneak-C Mom attempted a cannonball, but missed the step about bending her legs…she got a lot of grief for that one…I have it documented, but I’ll spare her for now. But I loved it when she got a little help from her boys.

KeetonSneak19and remember that I mentioned Dad was a little mischievous? Well, he gave Mom a little help getting into the pool too…she clearly knows her man, because even though she protested with the “you better not” speech…

KeetonSneak23she pretty quickly managed the nose grab move…


Dad also gave each boy a little dunk…


It was so much fun just to hang out by the pool with these guys!


Thanks again SO much to Oliver, Lele, Miles and Cole…they totally rocked this!



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