Get your tissue…

This is the first time I put together a slideshow for a client. I shared it with Mom the other day (with different music) and she LOVED it. The next step was to figure out how to do it for the web which was decidedly more difficult than expected…but I’ve got it now, so don’t expect this to be the last slideshow you see around these parts. Mom requested this song and I love it, even if I’ve watched this 1000 times and still get a little misty.

I think it is not only because this baby is so beautiful (and she is) but because I’ve seen how completely knocked off of her feet in love this mom is with this girl. We just met, but I SO get where she is…I’ve been there. It is such a magical mix of overwhelmed and starstruck and grateful and sleep deprivation and joy and holy cow every minute. (Looking at the list I’m still most of these things now, but I do get to sleep). As I watched this I felt completely privileged to be welcomed into their home and trusted to capture this beautiful girl…just as she is right now.

sigh….so here is the beautiful Ava, set to music. (and I warned you you might need tissues)

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